• looking for Python 3.4, Django, DRF, MySql, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, AngularJS, Angular Meterial, Debian, Ubuntu techs
  • At the age of 17 I started to develop so many softwares (2000 to Now)
  • Taught python, pascal , db , OOP and software security in some universities and IT organization for 2 years.
  • Good knowledge and experience in Software Development, IT, BPM ( Business Process Management ), Problem Analysis, Documentation, Website Design, Software testing, troubleshooting and Designing CDN
  • Languages: Python, PurePython, Cython, C#, Delphi, Java JSF, tsql, JavaScript, css, HTML
  • OS: Ubuntu, Windows (Server)
  • Frameworks and methodologies : Agile-SCRUM, django, django rest,, mvc, angularjs, bootstrap, jsf
  • DB: mysql, mongodb, mssql, oracle
  • Tools: Gitlib, Apache2, SSH, joomla
  • Public University of Share-Rey, Tehran BS in Teaching English – 2011
  • Elmi-Karbordi University, Tehran Associate Degree in English Teaching – 2006
  • Diploma, Tehran Computer science – 2001
  • Courses: Oracle 10g, Network Plus, Network ++ and CCNA ( these courses run by an organization I worked for )
  • System Development Manager: in ? ? ? 2011 to now
  • CEO of Mobtakern Co.: 2010 to 2011
  • Development and Software Department Manager: and 2008 to 2010
  • Software developer : Naji – 2003 to 2008 ( doing more projects )
  • Analyst : from 2004 to now ? ? IPTV ? IRIB CDN ? Alalam ? PressTV ? Magazine, Peivast Magazine
Experiences Morabaa+ :
This project is developing by : PythonRest, Django, MySql, MongoDB and AngularJS ( Responsive + Mobile Enabled )
This project is going change organizations, companies, and families relations. I researched more than 2 years for this idea and now I am developing it. :
The first step of Morabaa+. This project has more than 10000 users. CDN :
Desiging main branch of Content Data Network in IRIB, Redesigning Alalam CDN department, Developing some video converters by Delphi, Securing Alalam press room cycles and …

Kiosk Portal :
A new portal for kiosks with MetroUI

A new library for Django developer. I combine JSPlumber + BPM + Form Designer ( with bootstrap support ) for django developers. i am working on It

Vehicle Remote Monitoring :
In 2010 I developed it with C# and Google Map, those days Ajax was a new technology and i used it in my project
In this project i users can see their vehicle moving without refreshing
This project had also windows App developed by Delphi. I spend two year to complete these projects
Mashhad, Azadegan Co, Mimas Co, ? are using this projects

Auto-answer SMS project
Imagin you are home and suddenly want to get information about math no. of your son from his school. you send code of math to sms center of school and the center respond you the true answer suddenly
I developed a web-service + web-application with ASP.NET c# and MSSQL to do this project

100+ schools was registered in this portal

Paperless Automation
I have been written this web based software in 2012 with python CGI, mysql, and jquery

USB Lock
I have been written this software with delphi in 2005 for locking USBs in an organization with more than 2000 personnel

Personnel Controlling Systems :
I have been written this software in 2002 with delphi and Interbase
and: SAMTA, SAMNA, and etc
Websites : ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Research :
Virtual society analyst for IRIB ( writing more than 200 pages of documents and reseachs )

Check my git ( I uploaded 30 percent of my project )

Informations Birth date : Monday, December 10, 1984 in Tehran
Very happy man
Always smile
Married ( no children )
Hard working
No drinking
No smocking
interested in :
swimming ( so much ? )
watching classic comedies
Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd
Music : Classic, Daft Punk, pop, and sometimes playing music
watching animations and cartoons
special restaurants
watching movies in cinema
  • Twitter : @mrbahmany
  • Gmail :
  • Telegram : +989125248398
  • Github : github/bahmany
  • Stackoverflow :
  • weblog :

1 thought on “Mohammad Reza Bahmany

  1. سلام جناب.خسته نباشید
    تو سایت برنامه نویس گفته بودین که :

    “با سلام
    با سرچ تو گوگل چند تا سرور تو ایران میتونید برای اینکار پیدا کنید
    ولی پیشنهاد می کنم برای این کار فارغ از هر هاستینگی با هر ساپورتی که استفاده میکنید با google app engine کار کنید تا دیگه نگران کدهای python نباشید
    اگه زمانم اجازه بده ایشالله روشش رو تو همین فوریوم خواهم نوشت”


    میخواستم بدونم این آموزش ها رو ارایه دادین ؟چنین چیزی امکان پذیر هست؟اگه آموزش ها رو ارایه دادین میشه لینک آموزش رو بدین؟یا اگه ارایه ندادین یه منبع درسته حسابی به بنده درباره همین موضوع معرفی کنید.
    با تشکر.منتظر پاسخ شما به ایمیل ام هستم.
    این پیام رو به ایمیلتون هم میفرستم.امیدوارم ازین بابت ناراحت نشید D:

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